Ten Four USA


I  understand that I am an independent contractor of Ten Four USA, Inc., a Nevada Corporation, and that I am not an employee of Ten Four USA, Inc., its officers,  or  its subsidiaries.   I agree that I am not an employee, agent, or legal representative of Ten Four USA, Inc.,  its   officers, or its subsidiaries.  I will  be  operating  my  own business,   buying  and  selling  Ten Four USA, Inc. products  on  my  own account.   

I understand that I have complete freedom in determining the number of hours which I  will devote to my business, but if I desire a place of business other than my own residence,  I will be responsible for procuring, furnishing, and paying the  rental  for such place of business.  I further agree that, with respect to services performed  by me  for  Ten  Four USA, its officers, or its subsidiaries, I will not be  treated  as  an employee with respect to such services for federal or state tax   purposes.  I understand that I will be responsible with respect to the payment of any self-employment and federal taxes.  I further understand that IRS form 1099-MISC may be issued to me by Ten Four USA, Inc. showing the amount of bonuses paid to me during the calendar year.  I understand that it will be my responsibility to account for such bonuses on my own tax returns.  I further understand that the profit is earned only after Ten Four USA, Inc. resells the property acquisition, and earns a profit on its investment.   

Ten Four USA, Inc. has the sole discretion to decide to purchase any and all acquisitions presented to Ten Four USA, Inc.